Our Values

Happy Power and Lighting subscribe to developing a sustainable approach to the business; delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. We conduct our business ethically and endeavour to contribute to our community. We believe this approach will lead to the long-term sustainability of our company.


At Happy Power and Lighting we believe excellence in environmental performance is essential to our business success. We believe company performance can be achieved whilst balancing the economic, social and environmental needs of sustainable development. In addition to our performance excellence, we aspire to be the company of choice due to our environmental performance. We seek to reduce our environmental footprint, whilst delivering value to our shareholders and our clients. We conduct all of our activities with the aim of minimising adverse effects on the environment. 

Our main environmental objective is to minimise the impact of operations on the environment, and operate in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. This is achieved through·        

  • Reducing wastage;
  • Reuse of materials where possible;
  • Recycling; and
  • Improved efficiency. 


At Happy Power and Lighting we believe that creating an environmentally sustainable business creates a business that delivers long term value to business stakeholders. Our flat corporate structure allows for an open and engaged workforce that are actively involved in process improvements, and leads to our goal of a sustainable operating company. Sustainability is developed through innovation, and Happy Power and Lighting has a strong innovation culture.

Health & Safety

At Happy Power and Lighting, our people are the most important part of our business.
We believe that all major incidents, occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. We are fully committed to achieving our health and safety aspiration of ‘no one gets hurt, no incidents’. We also believe that attaining industry leading performance in health and safety is critical to the success, sustainability and growth of our business. Our goal is to be recognised as an industry leader in the way we deliver health and safety performance.




We believe in providing benefits to our local community, businesses, and environment. We do this through our sustainable practices, use of local suppliers and subcontractors, and philanthropic actions. In the delivery of all of our projects we endeavour to use local suppliers and subcontractors, to minimise cartage, to provide benefits to the local businesses and resident workers of the project location, and to decrease our carbon footprint through reduced transit.
We endeavour to give back to the community that we operate within, and develop relationships that promote community prosperity.


Happy Power and Lighting provide equal opportunity for all persons in the workplace, and aim to prevent discrimination and harassment. Equal opportunity at Happy Power and Lighting refers to the right of all staff and personnel to work in an environment which is safe, equitable, free from discrimination and harassment, and in which everybody is respected and treated fairly. We achieve this through the promotion of an inclusive culture, and showing respect for all.